The Little Book of Creativity

a practice for building a secure and happy place inside yourself

This little book is about your life here now, and how you create it. There are two parts.


These challenges have no answers. They are put before you so that you can feel how you feel about them. Some challenges are posed as statements you may not agree with or even understand on any level. Don’t pay any attention to those challenges. Just pay attention to the ones that make you feel into your inner being.

I have posed a few challenges for you to ponder. These challenges are to guide you to your more simpler SELF when you did not know so many facts about the world, or opinions of others, or of how others create. It might be good to take just one of them a day.

Part one…the book of challenges

The challenge is to remember…
who you are without money
who you are without a mirror
who you are without social media

The challenge is to remember…
that singing and dancing connect you to your soul
that inner contemplation paves the way for soul conversations
that stillness and silence connect you to All That IS

The challenge is to remember…
that there are certain rights to being human
that love, liberty, and happiness are but three
that respect for all life, clean water, food, and shelter, are basic to the moral rights of being a living being.

and so on and so forth…there are thirteen challenges, four blank pages for personal notes, a reproduction of the painting Peace Rising on the inside cover.

Part Two Acts of Awakening

This is where we start when creating new worlds for ourselves. We start with the basics, with the inalienable rights of ALL LIVING BEINGS.

We remember the basic, integral understandings of life.

We build on that.

There are 2.5 pages of encouragement for making your own personal platform from which to live your true self.

Peace Rising a removable reproduction of original art from the artist.