Paintings and Sculpture


Solaris, the 2017 total eclipse of the sun.

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The Whole Picture

the whole picture...its time to put the pieces together

The Whole Picture, it is time to put all the pieces together.

16 canvasses, a flow from creation’s core.

It is time to realize we are not seeing all of the whole.  We are seeing pieces.  Often times what we see is not accurate.  What we see does not seem to fit into our understanding of the world.

It’s time to make sense of what we are seeing and reaching into a wider scope of reality to bring it all into focus, into integrity, into the whole.

May it be so.

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Portal is a dynamic fluid understanding of the energetic passageways of the universe. She has a central spiral motion which echoes the dynamics of certain portals. She is made from Virginia soapstone. 14″h X 27″X 18″ are her dimensions and she weighs 120 pounds

Survey of Sculpture

Below is a slide show of my sculpture. I have had to retire from sculpting. The pieces still for sale are listed in the store. The others are a survey of the essence of my art.