Going Home


My art often leads me to places I need to go, and this time was no different.  I was playing around with some little 3 inch by 3 inch canvasses, as seen above, before I was to make 8 of the same size for a much larger project involving 16 canvasses (see the post, THE WHOLE PICTURE).

As I was working on these first canvasses, I had a discernable visceral response.  I became happy.  Little ribbons of delight were emanating from my solar center near my gut, and percolating up my torso, surrounding my heart center and creeping up into my crown chakra, glowing, dancing, and cavorting around in little magnetic sparkly spirals.  These energies were subtle that first time and simply left me with a quiet glow.

Each time I worked on them, they have several layers, I had the same quiet glow of happiness and satisfaction.  I did not know why.

I mentioned to my friend, Ani, that I was making these small canvasses and how I remembered a reading by a psychic from long ago about some art I was to create that was small, teeny tiny in fact.  Her immediate feedback was enthusiasm.  She hadn’t seen them but knew them to carry these happy tiny energies and started talking about some small art in her own life that delighted her and her grand daughters.

So I went to my sculpting studio in search of the recording of the reading.  I dragged out the one remaining tape player we still have and after much searching found the tapes.  I hauled them all over to the house and proceeded to search the tapes for the specific part of the reading mentioning the teeny tiny art.

Twenty one years ago the psychic told me many things, but the thrust of the reading, the main message, seems to be coming to fruition NOW.  Only 21 years it has taken me to mature to the place of understanding what my guides and higher self were talking about…truly talking about way back then.

I was to create from another point in creation from the one I had been creating from.  I was to get in touch with these small, tender, little feelings that would open my heart, reveal my vulnerabilities, cut me open for all to view and in so doing I would be set free.  Not only would I be set free, but the art and I would help others to free themselves, so powerful was this point in creation that wanted expression through my art.  Whew!  No wonder it took so long!

So I finished the little canvasses and sat down with them to name them.  As I was playing around with the naming, the clear thrust was to be the wholesome feeling of going home.  My gut started to warm up again as it had done the first time, but this time it was more so.

I named the first painting, “Home” and thought about what galaxy it might be, but that didn’t matter.  The feeling of a soul going home and recognizing home was the important anchor.

I had to laugh at the title of the second painting, “Collecting Oneself on the journey home.” Some say all life is one, and in order to experience life as another, we separated into smaller and smaller units of the One.  So it made sense that if one were going home to the ONE, you would need to collect all those fractals of self along the way.  The energy of the second painting clearly captured that image, all rushing towards the singularity.  My gut grew warmer, the energies started to fill me with a sense of well being.

The third painting reminded me of the images of coming in over a body of water in an airplane.  What I know of dimensions seems to indicate that if one is returning to the ONE, then dimensions would surely have to be crossed, many dimensions until you arrived at the finest dimension of the ONE.  My whole being was vibrating now with a sense of extreme well being.

The fourth painting was named “Home at last, reunited, laughter, camaraderie, love.”  Yes and the movement in this tiny canvass was all of that.  I could hear the laughter.  The continued sense of well being was a palpable glow inside of me.  Coming home to my whole self.  Wow!

Collecting Oneself on the Journey Home
Crossing Dimensions
Home at last, reunited, laughter, camaraderie, love.

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