White Fox Farm, Virginia

rainbows summer 12

My name is Carol Mackay Mertz.DSC_0817

I am an artist living in the forests of Virginia.  I live in a unique mountain valley near the Blue Ridge.  For the past forty years I have explored the themes of the sacred feminine, the sacred masculine, the earth, the sun, the dark and the light.

For most of those years I have carved stone, worked in bronze, plaster, and papier mache creating sculptures that vibrated with those energies I’ve described above.

In Spring of 2014, I began my art blog which is included on this site.  Again, I experienced a soul movement that I could not disregard, and so began writing about my art interfacing it with my life practice.

In the summer of 2017, I was surprised by the overwhelming guidance to begin painting those evolving perspectives on canvass.  The newer entries on canvass reflect the dimensional landscapes one cannot quite capture in stone.

At the end of 2018, after a wonderful online course with Lee Harris Energy, called Own Your Own Value, I began seriously considering expanding my website to carry not only the art blog, but the sculptural art as well as the paintings and now prints.  I’ve set up a small store front here on this site, so that you can purchased art by me in a number of media from the comfort of your own home.  You are also welcome to visit my gallery with advanced planning.

I have had an unfortunate set-back, perhaps permanently so, and I can no longer take chisel to stone as my hands have become highly sensitive and painful when I do.  Happily I can still paint without much pain, as well as blogging.  I suspect I was guided to painting for a number of reasons, and perhaps my higher self knew what was coming.

However I have decided to sell what sculptures  I still have, as well as original paintings, and of course prints on demand.  The blog is a doorway into the artist’s universe which you can enjoy on this website.

It is time for all of us to reach out with our gifts to aide one another on this complex and sometimes chaotic journey through life.  So be it.

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