The third ceremony…

The third ceremony was done on a cliff next to the Athabasca River in Jasper, Canada.

This ceremony was done for the biosphere of Earth… everything in the biosphere without  exception.

And so once again, Skip found the secluded place, off the beaten path and we arrange the five sets again with the configuration that was given to me with intuition.

It was a design with the feminine as a five pointed star. (See above)

The masculine active principal was also in a five pointed star but in a different plane… whatever that meant!

When we got to the place Skip had chosen, I found an area of sand there. It’s always a surprise to find pockets of sand in the mountains but by no means a rare event. We have them here in the east in the Blue Ridge as well. So the sand was the perfect substrate to elevate the masculine images in an upright position, thereby placing them in a second plane, just as I had been instructed. It was remarkably synchronistic to be instructed to do something before we knew where we were going and then finding the space that would accomplish the instructions. The diagram above should help you visualize how they were set up. Unfortunately no picture exists of this ceremony.

Amazingly a week or so later while on the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park, we ran into a plaque dedicating this region, the Rockies in both countries as the place where men and the biosphere would be studied. The Blood tribe call this area The spine of the continent.

The fourth ceremony took place at Waterton Glacier International Peace Park, in Canada.

A rainbow greeted us as we began to prepare for the fourth ceremony! ‘‘Twas auspicious!

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