Ceremony for the Oceans…Olympic National Park

The second ceremony happened at a beautiful campsite by the sea in Olympic Nat Park.  This unfolded in a slower fashion when we took the day to relax by the Pacific Ocean.  

After the first impromptu ceremony at The Hanford site, this second time, I was given instructions about prepping for a ceremony.  I was told to soak all ten sculptures in sea water for a few hours.

I was thinking that only one set would be used each time but that was not the case. Each set was used in ways I don’t understand, but nature does.  After the ceremony they were all soaked in fresh water, then dried and polished, alabaster actually dissolves in water.   The salt water dulled the finish on each set. They were placed in a circle as you see above.

Then I was asked to wait until the dark hours of the night to conduct the ceremony.

While we were at The Monroe Institute we learned from our fellow attendees how to take pictures of orbs. We had been taking them all during the time of the trip. Sometimes the orbs had to be called, so I would either tone a welcoming song or play on my flute. The orbs over the sea before we went to bed around 11 PM were small and plentiful. I was asked to be awakened at the perfect time for the ceremony and so we were awakened at 3:30 AM.

So at 3:30 am I was notified that the ceremony would be for all of the Oceans of the World. It is important to note that there had been a large oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that summer 2010. Also this was the only time we were camped by the Pacific Ocean during the entire trip.

The ceremony was conducted with the help of Pan again and a layer of protection involving an evolutionary presence.  Because my mind kept getting in the way of process, we switch to me toning the ceremony and like Reiki, I was then simply offering energies instead of trying to direct the energies with thoughts.

I have no record of the questions the Ocean asked or of my answers or of my questions and their answers. From this perspective of 2023, I have no doubt that it was intentional to veil the actual conversation. It was in fact carried out in light language, so I just had general impressions and feeling tones.

After the ceremony I asked Skip to take a photo of the ocean to see if we could capture any orbs. It was taken about 4 AM after the ceremony. There was a large red orb floating above the water at the shoreline. Only because we had the previous picture from the same spot could we get a bead on how large it might have been. It was large! Again the photo is lost, hopefully not permanently. If I find it I will post it here.

There was a sense of the natural world awakening alongside humanity in a tidal surge of expectation and readiness to move into the next phase of evolution. We had more roads to travel back in 2010 TO ARRIVE AT 2023.

Sit with yourself and the world and see how much your life has changed since 2010.

Peace be with you, friend.

Next week I will share the The third ceremony. It was done on a cliff next to the Athabasca River in Jasper, Canada.

This ceremony was done for the Biosphere of Earth… Everything in the biosphere without exception.

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