The sojourn begins…with instructions!

These sculptures were co created by me from Shunaya marble from eastern Canada. I have always been aware that art is a group project. When a commission begins, the commissioner deposits energy into the energetic vessel that will manifest as a piece of sculpture. In this case nature was the commissioner.

I was doing ceremony for another commission when my higher I AM presence intervened and spoke very clearly and urgently that before I did the commission called Michael, the Archangel, I must do a smaller one involving two other angels. The ceremony lasted three days. The first night was spent in a massive lightning storm which lasted three hours with so many lightening strikes that my golden retriever was hiding under the bed. There was one bolt which landed in the front meadow and shook the house. It seemed to me the next day after the storm had passed that the 100’s of ravens in the front meadow, were in fact angels come to work with me.

I just reread my notes from that time and am awed by what unfolded, but that is a story for another day. Two things though from that time are important to tell this story. One, the images above which took years to execute are elemental to this story. The front image is a structure that represents the emerging sacred feminine. The spiral image behind the first represents the emerging sacred masculine. The other important point are the ravens, which were present from the moment we left the farm in May 2010 to the moment we returned in August, 2010.

We were at The Monroe Institute in February of 2010. My intuition is always heightened when I am there. During one of our meditations I was given specific instructions about our trip we had been planning for a camping sojourn to explore Yellowstone, Glacier, Olympic, Vancouver, Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff, Waterton, and Glacier again. It was so detailed, I had to take notes.

One of the first things I had to do was to carve five sets of the angels, you see above. They were to be small, about 3-4” in length, made of five different kinds of stones. Below you see the five sets in the last ceremony we did at Many Glaciers, MT. They are submerged in the glacial water of the lake.

Skip, my husband, was to guide me to a specific place for each ceremony. There were to be five places, but we did not know where those places would be. In the time honored tradition of higher guidance, we were to intuit where those places were and then to create a ceremony in the moment. I had all kinds of thoughts about what would happen…none of those thoughts came into being.

As a side comment, just yesterday in meditation, I was given the reason why higher guidance doesn’t lay out a timetable, a map, or any kind of linear guidance when one is speaking to a human. The genius reason is that timing is the integral trigger which helps a plan fall into place. I was asked to carve the pieces so they would be ready when called upon. I had worked with the PERELANDRA nature spirits for years, and that relationship unbeknownst to me would be the source of structure for each of the ceremonies. We were guided each step of the way. Synchronicity abounded. All I had to do was listen and act. We did not know any of the destinations, the circumstances around each ceremony, the ultimate conclusion of them, but nature did, the Universe did, the planet did.

Our first ceremony took place in the truck in Yacama Washington, coming down a hill. Skip pointed out the Yacama training Center and military reservation. They issued lots of ordinance there. Then he offhandedly said, pointing to the east that’s where the energy commission has this so called Hanford site. I did not know what the Hanford site was but later looked it up on the internet.

These are my notes from June 2010, “Suddenly the sagebrush started to talk to me, then the beneath the ground people, then the hills themselves.

They asked me three questions I answered, I asked them three questions, they answered. Their first question to me was would I perform ceremonies. I immediately said yes.

Then they asked if the planet would transcend? And I said hopefully … then I said yes it will transcend. That statement didn’t come quite from me… but from a higher source, possibly the planet herself.

They needed to know how? I was guided to say, that once the seed ideas of harmony and balance were planted in this area that conditions would reverse and start to heal… (at the time I had no knowledge of what had happened to this area i.e. the Manhattan project and 2/3 of present-day nuclear storage facility is right there.)

So then I asked Pan, a nature engineer and spirit to help and he took the energy from the seed forms of the alabaster, the highest vibrations and disperse them to the appropriate depth and breadth and height for the area. I thanked everyone and closed the ceremony. We were still traveling in the truck.

I had some airy fairy ideas that the ceremonies would be performed at national parks, until today. It makes much more sense to perform them at places like the Hanford site then Yellowstone or glacier I just hope the intensity of the ceremonies reduces. I powered up protection after my morning energy surge and just humbly wondered about what is next.”

So there is no photo or spread for that first ceremony. It was as every intuitive knows, a fly by the seat of your pants experience.

There are four more ceremonies which I will share in subsequent posts. I am getting on a plane soon so want to wrap this up. So the biggest theme here is following your intuition. That’s what I did with the egg salad last week, and look where that took me…to a sacred place in the forest.

My guidance is to share this material, not so much to tell these real stories, but to help others to embrace their own higher guidance, and to act upon it. The manual for how to be a human is still being written…this is the chapter titled, WHAT THEY HAVE NOT TOLD US YET.

Peace be with you, friend.

Next week, the Ceremony of the Oceans at Olympic National Park.

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