STOP and Let It Go…a revisitation for the New Year

October, 2020~January 2023

Genesis, 2022

I seem to be processing at hyper speed, old stuff these October days. The old stuff has some sort of negative feeling attached to it, some “feeling less than” component of my past, others past, world history’s past. The current multiple realities playing out on the world scene have about the same hyper force of dripping negativity as the past does. So feeling compelled to process a lot these days.

During all of this processing, I recalled a spiritual practice I was introduced to this summer. The practice has two parts. PART ONE has to do with recognizing where you are and what is bothering you, what your mind won’t leave alone. At the moment of recognition, you say, STOP IT!” Then on the heels of recognition, you practice PART TWO. Then you say, “LET IT GO!”
It is a remarkable practice that works for me and others helping to ease the mind, redirect thought, not to mention actually letting go of all that stuff that simply DOES NOT MATTER TO ME OR THE EVOLUTIONARY SPACE I FIND MYSELF IN!

And Then I realized in my musings that there was a conversation going on between myself and my soul self.


It was the soul self demanding I stop the negative thoughts. It was my soul self suggesting that I LET IT GO!

There is a new cheerleader on my team. She is my soul’s voice. She is headed in the direction of building a new world, not in regurgitating the old world. It is her voice that yells, STOP! She means it, NO MORE!! It is time to move on. It is essential to move on. It is critical to move on. NOW IS THE TIME TO SPEND YOUR PRECIOUS LIFE FORCE ENERGY ON BUILDING.


So fast forward 27 months…it is January 2023 at this writing. Same process is going on and the same response. Lots of work we have all been doing over the past few years.

I awakened just now from a nap and my soul’s voice was in my ear and it said “the veils are lifting”.

We are visiting our son and his family in California. It has been raining mostly for two weeks. There is an atmospheric behemoth parked along the full coast of California, a river of rain. Today the sun was shining even though the clouds still prevail. It started to rain while the sun was shining. Where their is sun and rain there are rainbows!

So I went out the front door, the sun must be at your back while it is actively raining, and sure enough a big bright arching rainbow levitated in the sky.

So I thought about the soul’s phrase in this river of rain, in this time of letting go. This is the time that the veils are lifting and the the world is quickening for a major change. Thoughts we have been entertaining for years. And yet it seems easier these days to let go of negativity. It seems easier these days to see a fuller picture, a bigger picture, a truer picture. It seems as if there is no one way of looking at things anymore. It does not rain, just rain. The sun does not always shine alone. The sun can also shine while it is raining, and then my friends, you get rainbows.

Our four year old grandson just reminded me after I showed him pictures of his neighborhood rainbow, that there was a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Humph! …a pot of gold…metaphorically speaking he is telling truth. This age we are entering, this new earth, this new universe is a new golden age.

What that means for each of us remains to be seen as we create that new world each day.

At the end of a family vacation, each family member chose a handful of rose petals. Each family member held an intention for their future, and as they silently spoke their intention, they released the negative thoughts they might have with the petals and then set the intention free.

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