Dimensional Resonance

or why artists often seem spacey

When I create art of any kind, it is a co-creational experience. The art I help create is made from the medium, be it canvas and paint or stone, or bronze or papier-mâché. The art I help create is made from my ability to travel to and express the information of other dimensions and other places beside three dimensional earth, now.

When one works in other dimensions there is always guidance given, such as the shape of a piece, the colors used, the brush strokes needed … all in a seamless effort to produce the essence of what wants to break through the dimensions into the current flow of Earth NOW. What in creation wants to be born!

Let’s break that statement down. Working in other dimensions, often working in a higher dimension/vibration one is not in the everyday world one lives in. Mediation and prayer are such states of higher resonance. Musicians often describe writing their music as being in a fugue state.

When one works in a higher dimension, linear time falls away. Ask any creative artist what happens when they finally come out of their creational space. If you are a sculptor, you are sore, tired and can’t believe four hours of linear time has passed away. If you are a writer, you might be hungry, ready to sleep 12 hours, but are happy the passage has ended and that you got it all…editing for another time. In addition to the demands made on the physical body, there is always a sense of return, hopefully a sense of completion, and perhaps even a sense of “where am I?”

Creatives travel. They go to other dimensions. They experience a total immersion in the place, the timeless nature of that place, and the freedom from limitations of that place. Often limitations here on earth kick in when the artist tries to figure out how to ground that transcendent exploration.

The painting above I did earlier this year, is an example of the processes I have described above. When you travel to another dimension, you honor what’s going on there. Pink and gold are not my go to colors. But that’s what this painting wanted, so I surrendered to the expression and you see it is almost exclusively pink and gold. Why the creative energies wanted me to use pink and gold were not conveyed to me nor is it a new phenomenon. If I’m lucky, somewhere along the way the piece is explained to me, and I will know why those colors were the only colors to use. I will known why a portal like opening was rendered at the center.

Often artists who create this way, feel humbled by the experience. When one is in the benevolent presence of a magnitude of energy and grace that frequently inspires art, one does not quibble with the clear instruction to use pink and gold. In fact if you try having your own way and paint in some other colors, the pink and gold come back. Yes, I tried having my own way! I was outvoted! The pink and gold returned!


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