When time has disappeared. When life has become the flow of all.

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What day is it? Is it already dinner time? This doesn’t feel like a Friday….a Sunday….a Monday.

I started to lose my sense of time a few years ago, but lately…April, 2021…the sense of the place of time has simply gone awry…is not there…is no longer a feeling I carry around in my body as I once did.

If it weren’t for my phone and IPad, I wouldn’t know what appointments I had, or what day of the week it is. I used to joke about that, but the sense of knowing time has simply disappeared from my body clock. Sometimes I look out the window and I cannot tell if it is morning or afternoon. It all depends on my memory of where the light is. These days the light is changing so rapidly that I cannot maintain a sense of where I am in a 24 hour cycle.

This isn’t a fearful response but an awed response about the swiftly changing rhythms of the planet. Scientist say the earth is speeding up. How can I feel that? How can I not feel that, I am of the earth.

So the spring this year is simply an awesome experience. In springs past I have gotten the sense of emerging growth, that welling up of energy put to the use of producing new animals, new vegetation, new babies, new images of green where there were brown and greys, and bare branches. Each day the vista becomes more tenderly green. More tenderly vibrantly green with punctuations of pink, lavendar, amber, and white.

I love to visit the local orchard which has taken to selling plants, herbs, vegetables and flowers. I dropped off my husband for an appointment in town then hit the orchard. They were fully stocked! I bought my yearly herb start up garden, but then was lead to herbs I’d never tried growing. One was chamomile and the other was sweet woodruff. I researched camomile that evening and found numerous ways to use it, numerous properties with which to resonate with.

I love knowing how an herb was grown. When I grow plants myself, I know the soil conditions, the exposure to sun, the exposure to pesticides( none) and the content of the water and nutrients which nourish the plant. Not only that but the plant and I have a relationship for the growing season. So the camomile tea in a teabag from somewhere else is an entirely different camomile tea than was grown as a co-creative process. The camomile in my own garden has been in my energy field for many weeks until harvest. It knows me. I know it. It has responded to my presence by strengthening certain aspects of its natural being to respond to the needs of my being after it is harvested. That’s what plants do. They respond to the needs of the humans who interact with them.

My point today is about emergent growth and our sense of time diminishing. Spring is that time of year for growth in so many forms. The growth seems different this year in that I am perceiving it differently from years past. Time is a flow. The river of Spring is a flow. Let this time be a celebration.

We have so much to learn about being human. This is the time to learn it at the great turning of the ages. Peace be with you, friend. Time is changing and the great awakening continues. Peace be with us all.

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