Peace Be With You

Spring Portal

It is April. Today is Easter. The spring energy is rising. Lambs and calves and bunnies are being born. It snowed two days ago and has been in the 20’s and 30’s for a few days now in northern Virginia. The light is coming on fast, much more of it in the mornings…when there is light and not clouds. Flowers are blooming, daffodils, forsythia, hyacinths. Soon the lilac will bloom and the spice viburnum. The frogs have been singing in the pond since the beginning of March.

There is a feeling of change again. Something is being created by a large number of people, by nature, by the cosmos even. But none of us know exactly what. We are among those persons creating this something new and even so we do not know what it is.

We are still in the formless stage of creation. When I sculpted, I always had a hard time with the formless stage. I was anxious. I didn’t know where the free form piece was going. I had anywhere from a few pounds to a few hundred pounds of stone that would be carved away, but I had to know enough about the shape of the piece to make sure I had enough depth, length and width to execute the piece by the time I knew where it was going. I worked with the stone and the energies of creation, and I was a co-creator, not the sole creator. So I know intimately this time of slow creation and waiting for the cues which will lead us to recognition of what is being created.

Vibrations are high and that jangles the nerves a bit. This is a time of not knowing who you are again in this particular context of living. This time last year when life was changing so rapidly we were only defining ourselves by what we could not do. We are becoming new, like the resurrection, we are becoming somehow different from what we were. It’s a good time to anchor or ground those impulses that present themselves to us with a brilliant clarity. So sing, dance, write, paint, create a meal, garden…be creative with these new impulses that come caroming into your new consciousness.

Concepts of life are changing. Try to be at peace with the change. It will begin to make sense when it does. And if you don’t feel like yourself, it’s because you are not who you were last year. On the other hand, perhaps you are feeling more like yourself than ever before because you are feeling more intelligent, more capable, more loving, more kind. You are the caterpillar and you are becoming an entirely new being.

This is the hardest part of what we are doing as we continue to evolve. Trust your own being. Your inner beings, ie intelligences, your gut brain, your heart brain, and your head brain are but three of this body’s intelligences. Your body is the very best informed and intelligent part of you that can help you make good decisions for yourself. Others may speak of their ways of being and doing and give you advice, but your most authentic and reliable voice right now is your own. Some of us need to eat meat. Some of us don’t. Disregard shame and judgement and follow your own inner voice. Some of us can fast and others of us know that fasting can cause a major disruption to our bodily systems. There are so many voices of authority now that are not in harmony with your own path and operating systems. One size or wisdom does NOT FIT ALL.

So be at peace. Create peace in your garden, in your cooking, in your prayers and meditations. If you are here on earth now, there is a reason for you to be. Be curious about that.

These are some of my paintings that are manifesting as I take those undisclosed energies and put paint to canvas to honor them. Don’t ask me what they are. I do not know. Perhaps they are the formless state I am in right now.

Sending love to you all in this time of confusion and clarity, sadness and joy, being human is a wild ride.

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