It was suggested to me in a course called Rebirth 2021, by Lee Harris and his talented team to create an appreciation journal. I was to write in it everyday for a month, no matter what, no matter how lazy, cranky, or happy I was. Then I was see what had happened by the end of the month. So I did it for the month of February, 2021. and this is what happened.

Well it got easier to write as the days and weeks went by. Somedays I was really excited to go upstairs where my studio is and get down my day’s appreciations. I made myself write five different things each day, until the last day when I wrote seven things! Even when I missed a day, I would record the missing day first before I went on to the present day’s entry.

Lee said it would shift things for us. He said it would open up creativity. Yes, both happened. A lot of it may have happened just today on my last day of the month! There is so much happening in the world. So much. It is overwhelming . Then it’s not overwhelming. It’s hard and then it’s not hard but gloriously rapturous.

So much will continue to happen in the coming year…years. I don’t like to remain in that realization for very long. Yes, I acknowledge change but I do not stay there listening to predictions and prophecy. It messes with my own creations. I need to stay in the moment, in the NOW to truly get to where I want to be.

Man, that NOW place is a great well of creativity. I used to spend a lot of time there when I kept regular studio hours. 2020 happened and a lot changed, which is not bad at all but I had to spend a lot of time deconstructing my life as I knew it, often not a joyous exercise but highly necessary. Then I had to spend time reconstructing my life as I want it to be and that takes leaps of faith so vast the Grand Canyon looks puny by comparison. I suspect the practice of the NOW moments in my studio will return at a higher resonance and we shall see where that leads my expressions. I also suspect the NOW moments will not be experienced only in my studio but in the wholeness of life.

So I want to share my last entry of my Appreciation Journal with you, my fellow sojourners in life. Why? Because I made some leaps when I wasn’t looking. I remember as a child I had a secret growth chart on the bathroom mirror. I would mark with a tiny speck of soap how tall I was. 6 months to a year later, I would suddenly see that I had actually grown. The miracle is that my mother who had a very clean house must have known about those marks, because she never wiped them off while cleaning. Thanks, Mom.

February 28, 2021

  1. I appreciate this home in the forest, the water, the flowers and trees, the animals, and the energy here we have helped to create by bringing in higher frequencies, such as joy, to establish a baseline of higher resonance for creation, for rest, for rejuvenation, for all beings.
  2. I appreciate getting lots of help from the universe at this stage of transformation that is easier to access, higher resonance, more generous and timely.
  3. I appreciate the sudden shifts in perspective this life. In this matrix of discovery for so many, we no longer have to wait to see the light at the end of the tunnel. WE ARE THE LIGHT. No one above us shines a light or directs the light. WE ARE THE LIGHT. The true and organic darkness has its own light of creation. The true darkness is not scary, but restful and filled with life.
  4. I appreciate knowing the answers as soon as I think of the questions. Teachers used to say that and a long time ago I tried hard to see the answer on the other side of the coin, but now I have confidence that I actually see the answer there.
  5. I appreciate the moments when I can see in my mind’s eye and feel great expansion. I see the universes expanding. I see it in my Dantean, my solar center. I see the web of life exploding with new life. At this time of year and in this great soup pot of change, I can feel roots grow, sap rush along its pathways, seeds gathering cosmic energy and feeding it to their DNA, getting ready…getting ready…getting ready.
  6. I appreciate the complexity of life as it evolves, rebirths, comes into being.
  7. I appreciate the simplicity of life as it evolves, rebirths, comes into being.

Thanks, Lee. Thanks Universe.
Namaste. So be it. Peace be with you February, 2021.

This painting was done in 2020 and is called Zero Point. It has as its center a double spiral. One spiral, if you follow it goes clockwise and the other goes counter clock wise. It is where the NOW moment exists, the timeless place of great and immediate creation.

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  1. I love, We Are the Light ❤️ (And also, the double spiral!)

    On Sun, Feb 28, 2021 at 3:46 PM Carol Mackay Mertz wrote:

    > the community of earth posted: ” It was suggested to me in a course called > Rebirth 2021, by Lee Harris and his talented team to create an appreciation > journal. I was to write in it everyday for a month, no matter what, no > matter how lazy, cranky, or happy I was. Then I was see wha” >

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