Sunset Fort Valley, photo. Do you see a heart in the sky?

“Today, Jan. 10th, Earth is expected to cross through a fold in the heliospheric current sheet– a “solar sector boundary crossing.” Shortly thereafter, a minor stream of solar wind will likely hit Earth’s magnetic field. The one-two punch could cause minor geomagnetic unrest and auroras around the Arctic Circle. “   (from the website: space weather.com)

Like stormy weather affects people who have arthritis or old injuries, space weather affects me. My cranials get stuck, I feel like a truck ran over me, and Ah yes, sometimes I get foggy brained. I am not the only one, and like everyone else, just roll with the electromagnetic chaos.

Many teachers are saying that there is a great deal happening in the solar system now, involving large and mighty forces of conflict, as well as harbingers of peace to come. Peace is attained after the chaos has done its work by removing old structures and ways of being which no longer serve humanity. Just as you must clean the dishes and pots and pans after a meal in order to have a space in which to create the next meal, there is a process.

So, it’s a busy time if you live on planet Earth!

Chaos abounds and when you consider that idea you think, well that makes sense on the level of washing dishes. Then there comes a day like Wednesday, January 6, 2021 when the US Capitol was breached by a mob with weapons and nothing about it makes sense as you stand witness to it.

You might become angry, become disoriented, reel in shock and in trauma for having witnessed what happened that day.

What we saw and experienced on that day is sharp and spikey in our three bodies ( physical body, emotional body, and spiritual body). It’s going to take some time to recover. Now is the time to take stock of what in your life no longer serves. Now is the time to suss out what is precious to you, what you want your life to be about moving forward from this chaotic event.

I ceased writing this fall for a few months. I was having a long dark passage and didn’t trust myself to share my writing publicly. I wasn’t able to make meaning of life, or to contribute a focus. I finally acknowledged that I needed to accept that the chaos is ever present right now and it isn’t going away until it has finished its job of sweeping away “what no longer serves”.

And chaos will finish its job someday.

Our lives are changing and there is no going back.

Having gone through last Wednesday with a lot of fellow humans, what I truly know in my heart is that we have a choice about how we want to shape our own lives as we go forward from this incident of chaos.

I feel like a young athlete who is in training for a marathon. Except I’m in my seventies and am being required to train alongside the young athlete, because we are all in this soup together. You will find a rhythm of recovery with each assault on your person. 2020 gave us a lot of practice.

I remember and will never forget the birthing of our three sons. Labor is not for the weak willed, it hurts even when you have a coach and are doing everything well. So during deep labor there is a goal which you hold out in front of your mind like a beacon of light, let this baby be born well. But while you and your baby are in the pain of contraction, you do your breathing and you don’t lose sight of that beacon or of the focal point you have chosen in the room you are in. If you keep focus on your process, despite the pain, you can endure anything…anything!

But if someone or something should get in the way of your focal point, remove it with all due haste as the pain gets out of control in that moment. So when a doctor entered my room and stood right in front of my focal point, I asked him with alacrity to step aside until my contraction was finished, though not that clearly and not that nicely.

What I am meandering towards is the idea that you can recover from these very real assaults on your three bodies. Find a process of calming that works for you. Get rid of the dense images and thoughts. Shake them, dance them, sing them out of the body. Breathe. Remove your attention from the chaos long enough to regain your center. Consider looking at the chaos only sporadically. Don’t let anyone get in the way of your process. It is vital now to learn how to recover from the chaos. We have been in it for awhile and we may have a ways to go.

Don’t let anybody tell you this is the end of the world. IT IS NOT!

Be the kind of person you want to be going forward and together millions of us will influence how all this works out. Think higher mind, more kind, more loving, more equal, less dense, etc.

Look for evidence of a new way of being at work here in the world.

Peace be with You. Namaste.

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