2020 2020 2020

I don’t think anyone living now will forget this year. Our grandsons, two and four years old, in California know that they cannot go out to play unless…the air quality is safe, unless there are no stay at home orders for “the sickness”… unless the playgrounds have opened up again. They also have two parents who have pitched in to become their teachers, playmates, science teachers, music teachers, and physician’s assistants. They have a safe place to be while they cannot do what they used to do and a loving family with which to do it. They are blessed.

There has been an uptick in world wide meditations for peace, and demonstrations for whole segments of humans who are making their way out of victimhood and into a world which they are building differently than the world they came from. More people voted this general election than ever before. That is startling and amazing and the work of many humans who facilitated peoples right to vote.

People did that.

Colleges, schools and businesses still conduct learning and business, as they have adapted to the new and challenging conditions. When the pandemic is over, we will have to adapt yet again to a new way of schooling and business. What functioned well in the transition, what functioned poorly? How did closings affect the mental and physical health of all of our children?

People are already analyzing that.

For me and I suspect millions of other earthlings, it is not what we cannot do anymore, or how we must adjust to a different way of doing what we need to do, it is the harsh reality of an unprecedented world wide grief that is taking us down to our knees.

We must cope with the massive healing that needs to take place worldwide from this pandemic.

We will cope. Humanity is many things, but our most precious skill is our mastery of inventing new ways of being, doing, coping.

We have been changed.

We will build on the ravaged landscape of the old and create the landscape of the new.

So be it.

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