I promise you…



There will come a day when you will suddenly realize that there are more affirmations for your Being than judgements against your Being.

I promise.

There will come a day when YOU will realize that what you just did in life was congruent in your heart and felt heart positive.

I promise.

There will come a time when you might remember how it was when you were judged and found lacking, but it will only be a faint memory, not an actuality in your everyday life.

I promise you.

There will be a shift, a rather large opening, a rather huge wave that brings the END OF DOUBT and the BEGINNING OF SOVEREIGNTY into your life. But the shift won’t happen all at once for you. It will be a gradual process.


Listen listen listen to my heart’s song.
Listen listen listen to my heart’s song.
I will never forget you, I will never foresake you.
I will never forget you, I will never foresake you.

I have a dozen stories that have that song within it, but I want to tell you about the very first story of the very first time I experienced that chant, mantra, cohesive heart song in community.

Come with me to the highlands of North Carolina, where you can touch the sky and meet the earth. Where the rainforest gathers the mists and nurtures the flora and fauna. Where waterfalls pound the oxygen out of the water and provide the freshest elixir of life enhancing air.

Listen as the summer creatures sing their own symphony. Look up and revel in the clear night sky, seeing the Milky Way in all of its glory.

Come with me to the very top of a mountain where there is a very large campfire. As good campfires deserve, there is a large gathering of people surrounding the blaze singing many harmonic songs.

The song leader waits until the gathering is silent. She/he announces the next song will be a round. She/he divides the group into two, this half will go first, then this half second. A single voice infuses the silence with, “Listen, listen listen, to my heart’s song.”

The clarity in the quiet in the gathering on the mountain top opens a true conduit into the soul. Who is singing those words? Who is wanting me to hear their heart‘s song?

“I will never forget you, I will never foresake you.
I will never forget you, I will never foresake you.

Back then, I didn’t yet know who that was. But I am assured of the truth of what is being sung that night in harmony, in community, in the darkness of the true light.

I will never forget you….it is I who have forgotten. Who have I forgotten?

Listen to my hearts song…I do not know exactly what the song is telling me, but I trust the message none the less.

Ten, twenty, thirty, forty years later I understand more and more who is singing, and why they will not foresake me.

It’s really all about getting to trust your soul’s voice. It’s all about listening when that soul voice speaks to you as it just did to me. Out of the blue, the refrain of the old song comes into my wholeness and makes its promise once again.

Its message this time is ‘You will find more sovereignty, more personal integrity as you go along in this chaotic period of earth history. Listen! I am here. Together we make a life.”

Peace be with you.

A special thank you to The Mountain, UU Retreat and Learning Center, in Highlands North Carolina where this magical moment took place for me some forty years ago. Thanks to the staff then, the staff now and all future staffs for structuring opportunities that nurture the sacred in life. Namaste.

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  1. I find her newsletter so filled with compassion and hope. The Mountain is a UU summer retreat center. The mantra warms me, even just reading the words. I have sung it in rounds at one gathering and it was incredibly powerful.

    Hugs, Alice

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