Channeling Soul

Diamond Golden Source Light from the New Light Series, 2020.

There is a line somewhere that divides dimensions (not a literal line, a metaphorical line). Above the line there is a higher resonance. In that resonance there exists the states of love, kindness and joy without being attached to or contained by dualities.

Below that line guilt, shame, and fear live alongside conditional love and conditional kindness. You cannot experience unconditional love and unconditional kindness below the line. You are in a higher vibration when you feel unconditional love.

That higher vibration is harder to consistently maintain in a world of deep polarities until now. We have been lead to believe that life and our experience of it would forever and always be below the line.

We have been mislead about forever and always living at those low vibrations. Now, 2020, is the time that creational energies are supporting life in higher vibrations.

How do I know this? I, and I suspect you, have evidence and experience of living in a higher vibration for an extended period of time. Granted it may only be for a day or for some hours in a day. However, the periods of higher vibrational living are getting longer and longer, and easier and easier to attain and sustain.

Imagine feeling a sense of joy, a constant sweet vibration that is ever present. Despite occasionally seeing yourself as you once were, when joy runs through your system, you just can’t get in touch with the bad feelings you used to have.

In this transitional time there is a group of human beings who are awakening to the possibilities of living above that line consistently in a state of being of higher resonance. Look around you, there is evidence of this everywhere.

My soul speaks to me from above that line. When I sit with my Soul, and really feel what it is like to be where she is, I know there is no guilt, shame and fear there. You can’t conjure fear when you are there. It is literally impossible.

What happens to fear in the higher dimensions?

Fear dissipates with an ever present ability to know things. Your knowing is an extension of your intuition. When fear disappears, you experience your intuition as a finer higher sense of reality. When no one is telling you you are bad, ugly, or inept, you are just you and whoever you are, you know you’ve got value. Everyone above the line has value.


I call that place the New Earth.

What is New Earth like?

Hard to say. New Earth is just beginning, so foundations are being built to sustain a new way of being…a new operating system!

Who is creating those foundations?

WE ARE CREATING THEM. That will be the hardest thing to believe but it is true.

There are so many of us now, and we all have skills! Serious skills. And some of us have already started solving problems and building foundational structures. When everyone is faced with a definable moment in their lives, they choose how to behave. When they choose a higher response, one being informed by love, kindness, joy, fairness, win/win strategies, then THEY are helping to build the new earth platform. This is our base line, this is where we start.

People are planning sustainable non polluting communities even now, where shared resources assure each individual food, shelter and fuel, green space and community. People are sharing resources, helping each other all around the world. People have already invented sustainable fuel sources and vehicles which run on them.

A side note. Notice I keep saying people do this, think that, build the other. People are the integral component of a New Earth. We might use machines or computers, etc. to achieve a goal, but people do the thinking and the making it up as we go along.

It may be hard to see people taking the leap into a higher resonance during these unstable times. We all need to develop the muscles of our intuition, of our knowing. We need to trust our soul’s voice, and our own voice.

Now here’s the very best part, we have the time we need to grow into our soul’s perspective. We have the time to build that platform within ourselves, start sharing those vibrations with others, and all of us together will build the new earth, bit by bit! It will take a while, years, and only after some long period of time will we see how far we have come.

Will those of a lower vibration also build the new Earth?


As I said before, when you are experiencing fear, guilt, shame you cannot be above the line. Those who habitually live there lives at a lower vibration and like it that way, will be literally unable to live in the new Earth. They won’t get it. They won’t be able to invade it. It is such a different place that it does not exist for them. They cannot see it or create in it. However redemption is possible. If they seek and attain the vibrations of the higher resonance above the line, then they will be in the higher creation. No one else lets them in or keeps them out. Only they determine how and where they want to live, not anyone else.

I send compassion and love to all in the world. There is a great reset going on between civilizations . Stay with the chaos until you see your opening out of it. Then take that opening, and go for it (meaning take some action to move yourself along. Your soul can give you clues.)

Peace be with you. Namaste.

My sculpture called Tribe. A glimpse of 2020.

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