morphing 101

My thoughts in the meadow this morning had to do with the razor’s edge. Because I suddenly heard in my mind that phrase, and then immediately saw an image of the razor’s edge widening. The razor’s edge, in the vision was going through a transition from a narrow razor like line to a broader bridge-like structure. The image I was given in meditation, was of a broad expanse, like 1000 people could dance and cavort along this very broad plane and not fall off into either the extreme positive or the extreme negative realms of duality.

We have lived with duality for our entire lives. Dark and light, right and wrong, male and female, black and white, anger and compassion are some of the dualities we like to believe are true. Each side of the duality also carries with it a positive or negative valence for various groups of humans depending on what those humans believe.

People have started to expand their vision and investigate life from a higher perspective. We go to growth retreats, take classes, meditate, read books and find new paths through the cosmos. There comes a time when we realize that the man who stole money to get medicine for his dangerously ill daughter can be seen through more than two filters or even ten.

Was it right or wrong to steal money to save a life? Why were conditions in society such that a man had to steal to get medicine? Will the law allow those circumstances to shape the sentence, or will the laws change? Will universal health care be created? Often it depends on who stole the money, and where they stole it from.

Can we come together to create an entirely different scenario?

So the image I received was of a wider middle ground. What would the world be like if we all just naturally morphed into human beings that interfaced with each other with respect, without social strata, without war, with a willingness to entertain and appreciate different opinions, to have discourse, to offer kindness when there was need, to offer love all the time as there is always need?



This image of expansion comes from the near future, when duality will lessen, the middle ground will enlarge and become a robust platform from which to live our lives. This place holds win/win conversations about how to solve problems. This new platform allows heart coherence, fairness, new ways of thinking that are just being developed.

Can you feel it coming? Can you see reports of problem solving which simply bypass old ways of doing, being and behaving? What of the new inventions in all segments of life? What of the protests that say, NO MORE will we accept inequality, gun violence, hunger, bad food. What of the awakening to women’s rights, children’s rights, men’s rights, animal rights, tree rights, water’s rights, air’s rights, soil’s rights. It leaves us breathless to discover how much there is that we did not truly know about until now.

We are on the cusp of a new world.

Don’t despair because you have no idea how we all get from point A to point B. Someone out there can help you see the passage.

There is nothing finer in my life than to sit down with another human being who knows more than I do about a given subject. Often for me, this person is able to give me facts I did not know existed. They offer mature perspective which quickly informs me and helps me to understand complex issues. Activists teach us so much about conditions that were hidden until now. So much is happening in the present moment we do not have awareness of it ALL.

There is a power in the universe which every human possesses.

We can listen, learn, and create.

We will create a bridge onto that new world by our own desires, by voting, by making choices in our own lives to create something new.

WE have that power.

This idea of a new world is possible. This idea is attainable. And its creation rests with you and me. We all have different skill sets, we all have different inspirations, and when we all wake up to those desires for something better, fairer, kinder, we will all work in our chosen way to make a new way of being and doing.

Let us creators lean into this new world’s creation. We create such a platform and such a place by our shifting perspectives and realizing that we can act differently from what we have in the past.

It’s something to feel into, think about, check yourself out about when the wind is blowing lightly, the sun is shining, the earth is vibrant and the air is freshly washed from the rain. Let yourself fly into the cosmos. Hitch hike to another galaxy, dream on a star. We are far more than we have been told we are.

These are some cosmic landscapes I have been compelled to create over the last year.

May peace be with you and the earth and the cosmos.


Namaste literally means, “I bow to you.” … The spiritual meaning of namaste conveys that “the divine in me respectfully recognizes the divine in you.” Namaste invokes the feeling of spiritual oneness of heart and mind, with the person one is greeting.”

This definition for Namaste was on the internet and closely resembles my own understanding of the word.

So be it.

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