the future we could not see

Is this the night sky? A segment of the Milky Way? Sometimes we cannot give meaning to what is before our eyes. For the answer see the end.

This winter I had a daily rhythm of getting up, doing morning ablutions, making my MSM tea, some coffee and then settled down with my IPAD. What day was it? Did I have calls, appointments, trips, etc. Checked my business and personal emails, read my one cartoon, 9 Chickweed Lane, looked at the weather, the space weather, played Spider! After that I was free to take my walk, organize my time, and have breakfast.

Quarantine happened in March, not much changed except I travelled not at all, had fewer reasons to venture from home, and the internet communication picked up. Even though I walked almost daily, I began a weight gain. Later I learned that stress hormones are produced at such unprecedented times and women are prime candidates for gaining weight.

April and May were spent in the studio, washing clothes, cleaning house, washing dishes, making meals, …too many meals! Walking was still a constant. Stress was different. Each week a new kind of stress surfaced. But I was handling it, sometimes well, sometimes not at all.

The future as we understood, it began to break down. We could not see this break down, even as we saw events that caused the future to disintegrate. When you are on a long journey, like life, it’s impossible to see the whole until you’ve lived it.

Lots happened end of May/June when we got the inkling, that life was not going to be “returning to normal ever”. The Coronavirus was not the regular flu and the United States was not managing the spread efficiently and the disease was proliferating. For the spring and beginning summer all of our events were cancelled and those for the autumn are on hold or cancelled. So stress changed again. Was it safe to go out there to those events? I had to come up with more survival techniques.

So I began to consciously change my daily rhythms. I started by getting up, making my tea and doing something different. After months of gaining weight, I started a rhythm of intermittent fasting, so breakfast was not necessary. The weight started to come off, I felt more good than bad, more stable than fuzzy. I stopped grabbing my IPAD first thing. I looked at my calendar once a week instead of each day and when I knew I didn’t have a chiropractic appointment or a conference call, I never looked at the IPAD at all, thus ruining my daily Spider Game average.

I went out to the front meadow and sat on my bench with my tea and hung out there in bared feet, letting go of all those excess electrons and stress as the earth grounded it for me. I communed with nature, the earth and the sun, birds, spiders, squirrels, and the sky. I took my walk.

I stopped expecting events that had been planned would happen. I was OK with that, but each event that cancelled waited until a few weeks before the event to cancel, adding to the stress. I had to get over thinking about the future and not feeling anything about what was going to happen. This was hard. This was breaking down huge amounts of conditioning. We need to give ourselves a pat on the back for making it this far.

The future as we expected it was gone. We didn’t know what to expect, so we lived in the NOW. Eckhart Tolle was probably proud of us, but it was taking a lot to get used to living this way. The conditioning of always planning was taken away and we were faced with huge blank swaths of unknown.

Then social unrest and inequality surfaced and we became aware and angry and wanted to change so much. So much was already in flux. After three months, those with no jobs learned how much they would need to adjust or not. They learned how the system was or was not working for them.

Life was being changed in the moment. Whatever life we could create was momentary at best.

DISCLOSURE: I became so depressed writing this that I had to stop and take a break. Four days later I have come back to it.

HORIZONS aka information from my higher team: New sages are being born as we speak. We do not know them yet. They will not lead us and be above us, they will walk beside us and offer totally new perspectives about life. They will have gifts to share, not keep hidden.

Many innovative human creators have already put in place bridges that will help us make this huge transition from one civilization to the next. We have a lot going for us. Humans have great capacities to learn, remember, and forge ahead with love and kindness. The odds are we will make this transition. We have already found solutions to many of our problems, we just need the leaders and the will of the people to enact them. We need to believe we can make it.

CONCLUSION: This period of existence is normally a high stress kind of time. And because it doesn’t happen often, we have no mass memory of it. We are changing our civilization. We are living through a sea change. We are living through an epic moment in human history.

While we cannot see the future from this perspective, we can create it. HOW? By making higher choices each moment. Only the individual knows when those choices are to be made, and it is different for each of us.

HIGHER CHOICE CHALLENGE: Take a word or an idea and see if you can create experience around that word or idea for a day. Take the concept of “kindness” and see how you can create an entire day being kind when the opportunity arises. Being kind to yourself counts more now than ever. Of course one day is not enough, but you will figure it out and find your way.


a good process to accompany this post is the process found in The Little Book of Creativity that my guides and I created. It is for sale and can be purchased here.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pond-ice-2.jpg
This is a picture of the ice on our pond. Sometimes it is impossible to understand what we are seeing.

2 responses to “the future we could not see”

  1. Carol, I was very moved by your beautiful piece on the future we could not see. That is the artist in you, reaching out to grasp this truly momentous and life-changing time. It is very hard to live with what we do not know and cannot imagine. I have been practicing living in the present moment, a discipline I’ve honed for many years. As I shared with a women’s circle recently, it helps me to live with the unknowable, and brings me a sense of peace much of the time. You are grounding yourself there too. Pond ice IS the universe, which is in us all… Love, Ann

    On Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 2:19 PM Carol Mackay Mertz wrote:

    > the community of earth posted: ” Is this the night sky? A segment of the > Milky Way? Sometimes we cannot give meaning to what is before our eyes. For > the answer see the end. This winter I had a daily rhythm of getting up, > doing morning ablutions, making my MSM tea, some coffee and ” >

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    1. YES! Pond ice is the universe without and within. Deconstructing boundaries for thought is a constant vigil. Thanks for your comment, Ann.


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