The image above, Grandmother Moon was created in 1999. It was the last solar eclipse of that century. I meditated 3 hours and 33 minutes for this piece. She shows with another mask, Solaris, in the act of eclipsing.

Last Solar Eclipse of the 20th Century. 1999

She is grieving. I did not know why, it was simply the energies that manifested while creating the piece. She is 21 years old in 2020. She is the end of a cycle.

This time we are in NOW is a new cycle. This new cycle is unprecedented in our collective memory. It is a cycle of dismantling and rebuilding. It is no longer a cycle of fixing the brokenness of what once was.

I have been listening to news reports, personal experiences of those I know and love, and deeply relevant analysis about what is currently happening at the beginning of June 2020 on planet earth. We will remember not weeks or days in this year of 2020, but passages. This is the passage of protests, riots, and deep grieving. This overwhelming desire of citizens to use their first amendment rights to assemble peacefully has eclipsed the corona virus in our immediate awareness. This deeply felt desire to take a stand with those who suffer from racial injustice and inequality and police brutality is being exhibited all over the United States, and the world.

I heard a thoughtful dialogue about what is happening now and at the end the analyzer simply threw up his hands and in an unprecedented moment declared, “Sometimes I just have to push away from my job and cry.”

There are declarations that we must end inequality at the root of it. Dig down deep into the systemic practices that separate us from being one with ourselves and one with our fellow man, woman, and child.

So this is our chance.

NOW is the time, even as the old passes, to build a new culture holding many truths to be self evident for ALL BEINGS.

And in this chaotic time I see the new light shining through. I saw a report of a couple who had come to help clean up the day after a destructive riot, which they were not a part of. I saw police kneel down and talk to protesters during a protest. I saw black men protecting a white police officer who got separated from his unit. I saw white women lined up with arms locked in front of black protestors to protect them from indiscriminate violence. I saw a white police chief join a peaceful march for equality.

Circumstances are leading to chaos in just about any direction you look. We cannot fix this deeply flawed way of life we were born into. There is no reason to fix it. It doesn’t work and we don’t even like it. Any one who has ever marched and protested the status quo knows our society is deeply flawed. They know it is time to let it go. They know it is time to stop the blame game. They know it is no longer appropriate to resuscitate our old civilization.

When we grieve now, it is not for the old way of doing things, it is for the pain of individuals who were torn asunder by the very dark energies our civilization perpetrated.

All areas of life have been repressed by the dark energies of the old. This disregard for all life on this planet, including the planet itself, is evident in all areas of the fabric of the old civilization. We must dig down to the very roots of our society, expose those roots to the light, and watch it pass away under the vibrations of equality and love.

It is time to grieve, forgive, and let go of the painful remnants of a civilization passing.

In those quiet moments when you are empty of grief and have attained a place of grace, it is time to dream of a new way of being. There is something to do after we get through this passage.

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