This is my meditation table in my bedroom where I meditate each Sunday with 7,000 other people around the planet. These Unity Meditations have been organized by Sandra Walters and we have been doing them for four years.

I mediate each day by myself and with all of nature and the cosmos, and the Unity Meditations give me a chance to join a creative matrix that is dedicated to a planet of peace.

I try to have something living on the table besides the crystals, which I have come to believe are living beings. The print in the background is of my painting, the Om Ah Hum, or I also call it my 4th of July painting, as it was done on the 4th of July, 2019. You will note that the print on the table is upside-down from the painting below. Well… orientation is seldom upside down or right side up because my paintings have no proper orientation. They are supposed to be multi-perspectival…and they are.

These blossoms are probably the last of the peonies for this season. This May 2020 has been an extraordinary month filled with blossoms of all sorts. In particular the peonies, mine, my mother’s, and my grandmother’s have been plentiful, large, and fragrant. The colors of the peonies are the colors of this painting. Hmm!

The roses have also been spectacular. The pink rose bush from out front is about 25 years old. It was given to us by Skip’s Mother when we moved into this home. It bloomed for a half a dozen years, then stopped blooming for 16 years. About 2 years ago, without any intervention, it began to bloom again. It smells heavenly. In fact many plants in the yard have begun to bloom all by themselves in quiet profusion.

New Light Series

My intuition gave me a nudge to hang some different pictures in our sleeping space, as the energies were ramping up for the Eclipse season. So I hung these two paintings. The epicenter of this painting has a dual directional swirl at its center. It represents two flows of energy coming into a center point.

two different spirals come together in the center of this painting…New Light Series

The energy in the painting above represents zero point creation.

New Light Series

I brought both of these paintings into our bedroom, and after a week or so of being with them, I discovered more and more about them. Suddenly, as I looked at this painting above, I wholly realized that it is a gateway, a door into another higher dimensional plane. My intuition tells me there will be more and more of this phenomenon…ie gateways, higher resonant energies, and new perspectives coming in the near future.

for some reason I took my picture this morning. Here I am in this NOW moment.

The eclipse season this year of 2020 has 6 eclipses. The usual number is four. The coming weeks will bring us a lunar eclipse on June 5th, Friday. Then on the summer solstice about June 21st, a solar eclipse will happen. After that on July 4th there will be a third eclipse in the series, a lunar eclipse.

I’ve been told the powerful solar eclipse on the Solstice will continue the processes which began with the solar total eclipse of August, 2017 that was visible all across the United States.

After that 2017 eclipse, the roses started blooming.

the total solar eclipse of August 2017 which I witnessed and then painted.

It will be interesting to see what I paint after I experience the energies of the 2020 solar eclipse at the Solstice.

There is a message here in all of this synchronicity. I named this writing, of Peonies and Roses, but there is something here which is bigger than just the flowers. Perhaps the energy which brought back the rosebush and made profuse the peonies, is being held in these series of eclipses…lunar (June 5), solar (June 21), and lunar on July 4th, 2020!

Perhaps, something will grow out of this time of chaos. Perhaps a new world will be born, quite different from the world we see dissolving each day. Perhaps these hard energies will produce fertile soil for us to construct a world based on love and kindness and equality.

Hope Rising, March 2020

I have made up some prints of some of the paintings in this article. Intuition is telling me to offer them to you here. The Eclipse painting is rendered on a small 4″ x 6″ fine art paper and can be found in the Print Store at the bottom of its page. Hope Rising above is linked to this synchronicity as well. It was painted at the beginning of Quarantine. It is also offered in this 4″ x 6″ format.

The 4th of July painting is offered on the same page. It is larger 8.5” x 17” 100# card stock fine art print. It costs more!

Sending love and Peace to you all. Time to meditate!

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