I have come to understand that going home is a process that is repeated with increased frequency as the new light affects us on all levels of our experience.

Going Home is the process which came together a few years ago after I had listened to the whispers of a few decades of information. The passage is documented on this blog page. This little set of 3″ by 3″ paintings above have the same images, (and always different as it is hand created), as others in the series, however they hold the New Light that hadn’t come through yet when I started creating the others a few years ago.

New Light.

Ahh, in this moment, I cannot begin to describe the Light without lessening its power by down grading it into words. It is indescribable. I really have no words. So I won’t try to describe it, but I will dance around the edges and speak to its presence among us.

This light does have presence. To help us understand it, we could liken it to pure consciousness devoid of shaping by human or any other beings creative thought. It is changing life as we know it on planet Earth and in this part of the universe.

A few other things… it is not a deity. The light is not all knowing and therefore a creator of the future. It is not at all like those ideas from our old paradigms where creation comes from above us and not from us.

The light is influencing us. It has higher resonance than what we are used to. But here’s the thing, we are the ones who will use this light and create things. We, along with all other life forms, will create a NOW that is very different from the Now we are currently living. We will create a higher resonant platform from which to live life. (and so the Little Book of Creativity was born February 2020, to establish a practice for this very opportunity of living from a higher resonant platform of our own creation.)

Light is a movement and measure of this universe. It is raw material. It is so basic, it’s hard to take in how elemental it is. You can think of this light now as NEW. It hasn’t been around for either a long time OR maybe this is the first time it is interfacing with humans, plants, water, trees, animals, planets, suns, and galaxies, etc.

When I was examining my own theology in my 30’s, I came across the native american concept of Great Mystery. I was so relieved to be introduced to the concept as nothing else in my life approached what was happening to my internal spiritual identity as that concept did.

In describing it, the source I was reading from, danced around the meaning as I am doing right now, but there was a moment in their explanation when they and I could go no further, as it was a mystery.

A mystery not to be solved but a mystery of which to be in awe.

A mystery to sit with. A mystery to gather calm with. It was a centering practice then, that they now call being in zero point. I have come to understand that zero point for me is also the process of Going and Being at Home. It is stillness. It is oneness with every other thing…everywhere…in all of creation. That’s pretty huge but not overwhelming when one is “at home” in zero point, in unity, in the great mystery.

Sometimes when I am in zero point, aka home, I hear a deep droning, the background noise of something really huge……..really huge…beyond comprehension except when I am in the state of home ness and oneness. What happens for me in that silence that is not silent, in that place of deep darkness that has inherent light woven all through it, is that all questions and all answers are right there, totally available to my being.

So it may be that this new light will give us opportunity to create from a higher resonance, a higher consciousness, a higher platform we will be building as this transformative year, 2020, continues to unfold. Perhaps this new light will reveal all that is needed to be revealed to help us understand the depth and responsibility of being a creator in this time and place of earth 2020.

For a time I studied with Grandma Twylah Nitsch, a Seneca Elder of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge. She and Jamie Sams wrote together the Native American Creation Story, “Other Council Fires Were Here Before Ours” (Harper Collins). It is still in print and a very accurate prophecy of our time now. Grandma Twylah used to say, “All for one and One for All.” It is a phrase which gains relevance today as we seek to understand the tasks we have before us in this great wash of new cosmic light.

It is to be hoped that we come to understand the enormity of our current set of tasks as a species, while equally understanding that we must also undergo the same amount of transformation as an individual. It is to be also hoped that we see, hear, feel, and understand the phrase, “All for One and One for all.”

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