in the beginning…

Goddess of Abundance
Virginia soapstone
carol mackay mertz

The Goddess of Abundance was by no means my first piece, yet it is incredibly foretelling of this current time we are in down to the spring of the year. I am sharing my artists notes from this piece from 1998.

“The moment of emerging growth, the spring of our year, engenders great joy in the Earth Mother, the sentient being on which we reside. This generative gesture, the rebirth of the world, ensures her children everything they will need to thrive. The sensual aspects embodied by this Goddess are remarkably potent. Caressing this forms’ contours takes one into a reverie of ecstatic recognition of abundance. How large is this mother’s love? It is enormous and for now beyond our complete comprehension.

As our awareness broadens, our perspective changes. As each human, clan, and nation focuses on new thought forms of sharing, cooperation, and partnership, the way is open for humanity to realize abundance as an actuality. It is our limited view that has kept alive the beliefs which feed the politics of “limited resources“.

Humanity is singing in one voice for a new vision and that vision is here and always has been here in the form of the abundant mother. We will make a leap into a new time, and this leap is unprecedented in human experience. There is the opportunity to accept a world firmly established in the concept of union This image holds both male and female energies. It is a depiction of the seminal generative moment of union. It is a symbol of the promise of a million years of dreaming. It is a touch stone of remarkable new energy. The Goddess of Abundance is an ancient symbol of the promise of a million years of dreaming come to us from our star born past and our earth born future.“fs

I was so dumbfounded to read today what I had written in 1998. There is an eery sense of this moment in that time. So I guess my guidance was high that day. I guess I was seeing the future. Hmm, only a 20 year lag time!

I also want to publish my artist statement from that time. It is a good platform from which to launch from a higher perspective an investigatiton of my body of work.

carol mackay mertz~artist statement~1998

One day I was asked to describe my art as if an archeologist had found it ten thousand years hence. What would my art say of my time here on the earth?

Before I answered the question, I added a few of my own. “Is my art a reflection of the times or is it my dreams for the times ahead?

So with new eyes, I traced the symbolism and the energies expressed in my art. As I looked around my studio, I saw that several pieces were about reclaiming one’s wholeness, while others were about new energies flooding the planet. The energies I portray in my art depict a future based in harmony, partnership and joy.

And then as if to distill my work even further, I realized there were two threads, a healing thread and a creation thread. The healing thread brings back ancient symbols of the feminine and positive images of the masculine. It creates new images of the healed masculine, the healed feminine, and the healed child.

The creation thread explores new ways of being. Being joyful, being in love, being intimate, seeing with new sight the gifts of each individual and being responsible for your own choices in the world. We have an opportunity to see our planet as an abundant self-sustaining sentient being providing for all her creatures with equal genius. We have an opportunity to view life now as we have never done before and in this moment it is up to each of us to dream the very best dreams we can for ourselves.

So my art would say to archeologists’ ten thousand years from now, there was a woman who took back her job as a dreamer.

Creation happens! Only we decide how and what we shall create!

I am in no doubt I am being guided to enter this process of looking at the art from a new vantage point. As I said last post, this is the time of predicted chaotic change. There is something here I am to find to define my service to others.

I find it curious that I was given the “idea” of creating the “I am free cards” a few years back and that they generally affirm the artist statement above. Here is a link to the


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