The Community of Earth in this Now

Chaos Ascending. The energy of this Now.

It is very unstable in this Now on earth in March, 2020. The quarantine is necessary and not as hard for us who work from home. The corona virus is real. Responses to it are all over the map. Fear is multi leveled and all of the chaos seems to be coalescing in this now. The future is unpredictable. Possibly this is good. Perhaps we can rise to the occasion and work together to solve this global crisis which extends far beyond the sickness and into all segments of life. This is the hardest learning curve I’ve ever seen. It makes the daily round I used to have seem like a fairytale.

I laid down for a short rest to relax the muscles after a long day at my desk applying for shows which may not happen and fell asleep. My husband saved dinner by making it, and fed the patient dogs. I woke up refreshed though lacking in orientation and was thrilled to have so much already in progress. We had a lovely quick dinner, but my book didn’t appeal, and my sense of motivation to live in the world with the Corona virus was in the sub basement and I was clearly in need of mood, thought and spiritual elevation.

So I went to my website and picked a new theme and look, then started to clean up the cobwebs. I read some very old posts I’d written and sat here thinking, that was really good! That little piece lifted my center of self from the dumps to mid way up the mountain. Here is a quote from “Of Pearls and Potatoes.”

after finding those questions and answers, the evolutionary wave of energy will lead us to join others in a balanced and grounded (but not same) group of individuals to co-create new structures and to solve problems in this space of transition.  this new structure is being built in harmony, win/win ethics, and a basic assumption that each individual on the planet can thrive with the help of all the others.  we are all on this spaceship together.  we all live down stream.  we can all participate in life without anyone else being deprived.  the politics of scarcity and unequal distribution are dismantled.”

we are in a new space where all life thrives.

so if you don’t know yourself and trust yourself to KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW, you need to keep allowing yourself to unfold and to know you are in the perfect place on your path.

NEW STRUCTURES ARE BEING BUILT AS WE SPEAK.  these structures rely on the individual to go within to find answers that are made for their path and their skills, and their purpose for being on the planet during this great transition time.  there is still mastery, but it does not come from learning other outside structures, it comes purely from within.”

So my second blog just turned me around. Being human will certainly find me in the sub basement from time to time during this extraordinary saga of transition we are living through. And I’m here to say that we don’t need to live in the sub basement all the time. On the other hand don’t beat yourself up about finding yourself in the root cellar with the snakes. (TRUTH! we really lived in an old house in Massachusetts with a dirt floor root cellar with black snakes. All our snakes in Virginia live outside, knock on wood!)

So be human! Be who you are in the moment. Life changes all the time. Conditions change, all the time. You are not alone. We are all in this together. I hear that a lot lately. It’s good to hear.


Julie Andrews knew what she was talking about when she sang that song, “ Whenever you feel afraid, just hold your head erect, and whistle a happy tune…”. Of course now we might indulge in mantras, toning, ecstatic dance, gong bathing, forest bathing, or listening to the radio and singing along…loud. Whatever it takes to get you out of the basement to restore your sense of self, your resilient center.

So sing…dance…smile…rise to your beautiful sense of self.

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