you experience ecstasy when you sense the infinite, whether it be a Bach fugue, or the birth of a child, a painting, or a particularly ingenious spreadsheet! the experience moves you to awe and wonder.

there is inherent light/love in everything. when the artist, musician, counselor, author, mother, father, friend, lover sees that light and knows themselves to Be that love/light… there is nothing but the ecstasy and the knowing that what you have just co-created with source is “all there is”.

and YOU know you have opened a channel to all of creation for everyone else, no exceptions. this kind of creating knows no borders, no race, no language, no separation of any sort.

the moment is total and you know you have brought in a tiny fractal of the infinite……infinite creator…….infinite source.

these pieces are about that ecstasy.

may these pieces stir your genius, enliven your creative urges, enlighten your resolve to create with this en-lightened….all loving process.

carol mackay mertz
August 13, 2019

Om Ah Hum mantra

Gayatri Mantra

Glenna’s Angelsthe sacred feminine and the sacred masculine
Earth shine
The Sacred Masculine from Glenna’s Angels


Changing Perspectives… when a shift in perspective releases rigid thought and frees one to create something new.

The Heart of Humanity...emerging ecstasy

Unionmanifesting with love and light.

One response to “ECSTATIC MOMENTS”

  1. Beautiful!! Felt so good to slow down during a busy day and look at your art. ❤ you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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