Going Home Series…journey to the Soul’s source.

Going Home Series

Traversing Dimensions
One must travel from here to the Homeplace of the soul. The journey requires the crossing into and out of higher and higher dimensions. It is a matter of traveling into larger concepts of life and inventing new ways of being.
The birthplace of the Soul is seated inside the inner most part of yourself. It is a felt response. Just tuning into that vibration is a helpful practice. It helps you understand your lineage and origins or recognizing the place of your origin.
Collecting Oneself on the Journey Home
On the journey home there is a natural practice of collecting the fractals of oneself over the millenniums. You are becoming whole, traveling towards the realization of Zero Point within yourself.
Home at last, reunited, laughter, camaraderie, love.
This feeling of home is a marker that you have arrived at this next evolutionary space…that of New Earth. Other beings you greet there have the same understanding of life as you. They view all life as sacred, they understand the concept of win/win, and they are exploring the new ways of being Human.

This series has been a long time in creation. It has taken the intricacies of the natural progression of many time lines to actuate this opportunity. I was told about this series some 20 years ago. The conditions to manifest it just arrived last year. The time is NOW to create these helpful wholesome practices that co-create with individuals on their personal journeys to becoming their whole selves.

So be it.

The series, all hand painted in differing colors, are for sale here.

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