the Community of Earth on canvass


and so it begins…a new practice of contemplation for the practitioner.

The exploration of expansion and contraction, visionary perspective, and cosmic relationship come together in these unique canvasses.  The  nine canvasses above are interchangeable, multi directional, and can be arranged by the viewer in multiple landscapes, cosmic scapes, or inner world scapes.  As in my sculptural series Practice the practitioner gets to create each day or season of time a new painting.

The canvasses are all multiples of 6″.  The four corner canvasses as well as the central canvass above are all 12″ square.  The four small canvasses are 6″ square.


This arrangement has a 24″ square canvass on the left, two 12″ squares, and four 6″ squares.



The two 12″ squares go with the four 6″ squares, but when turned at a 90 degree angle, take on a new feeling tone and a new trajectory.


Any combination of 6″ squares can be purchased as a set of four or individually.  Each canvass is unique.


These are the 12″ squares and can also be purchased as individuals or a group of four.  The total inventory would be presented in order for the client to pick and choose as they go along.


This is a 36″ square and can of course be purchased individually but can also be part of a landscape of major proportions.  I will eventually be doing a 48″ x 60″ canvass for the series which would require a large expanse.


This landscape of 12″‘s and 6″‘s explores inner and outer, flows, planets, star systems, microbes, nano particles, anything you want to investigate on any given day.  It’s the feel of the creation of the new that gets explored here.  They all have reflective gold emanating from source interspersing the deep and intense layers of color upon color.  They appear very differently in changing light.  Canvasses will change with the ambient outdoor light as it shifts through a room, and change yet again in artificial lighting.

Haven’t worked out the details yet, but right now am contemplating making boxes on an easel stand for a given space.  The arrangement above would require a 30″ x 24″ box.  Of course the canvasses can be hung individually on the wall with no box, or there may be a more creative system yet to be invented.  I will get together with my woodworking crew and see what we can come up with.

I wanted to share this concept here first before I put it on my art website, because it was born here in the midst of this exploration of the community of earth.

Did you know that in your human body there is only 36 percent human DNA present?  The rest of the DNA in our bodies belongs to other life forms, microbes, viruses, and other.  In this current era of exploring outer space we are also exploring our inner space.




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