The Spiral of Life 2017


new cycles

new places on the spiral of life

new perspectives

new rhythms

humanity resets

we have created a cultural phenomenon called the new year.  it is when we hope to infuse our life practice with fresh perspectives. the end of the old year was for getting organized, cleaning up messes, so that on the new year we can begin anew.  western cultures are not the only cultures to use this practice as a reset point, many others do as well.  it is a good practice.  it allows for the new to be given space in our life practices, to incubate, to grow, to be born, to blossom and eventually to grow into maturity.  

we are awaiting the birth of our new grandson in early February.  it is easy to see these states and stages of growth  in the weeks of his growing.  there is much energy around his developing life, and he is already influencing the lives of those around him, his parents, most notably and also his grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins, friends and colleagues of his parents, his physicians, his neighbors…..the list is pretty endless and he has yet to be born.

new life tends to be eagerly watched and waited for.  there is something magical, precious, miraculous about new life.  new life holds a sacred promise of the continuation of all that is. its the beginning, its potential is full and vibrant.


we stand in wonder at his bravery and courage to come and join us at such a time of confusion and chaos.  we offer his life a home to grow in, love to nurture him, space to find his own way.


where will his path take him?

will he flow with the current or against it?


will he live where the mountains meet the sea?  will he speak to us from the total perspective of all life?  what will he see when he takes his first breath here on this transitioning planet?


will he see the cosmos as clearly as he sees the ground beneath his feet?  will he speak to us of expanded life experience and help us to see the cosmos in a new and infinitely more empowering way?

but he is still in the safety of the womb of the great unborn.

he is still in the sacred waters of the ocean of life.

he is still deciding about his path, and getting ready for his birth.

he is safe and will remain so after his birth here for he is greatly loved already.  the energy of love is timeless, selfless, and complete.

so be it.

Parting Thought

Plant a seed and nurture it and watch it grow.  Seeds in life are so diverse, let them come to you to be recognized and nurtured.

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