The Community of Earth



I am approaching an exciting moment in my life when my Progressed New Moon will begin a new 30 year cycle of life. Tomorrow is the set point when I will declare what that next major movement of my life will be about.

It is akin to planting a seed, to making a long……very long term commitment with a declaration of intent. Will I even be alive to see the cycle complete? Will all the resources, and consciousness come together so that I can move through the dance of this next cycle in my life? I have no idea!

I have known for a few years that this exact date was coming around in my astrological chart. I knew there was this giant opportunity for me. All of us have these Progressed New Moon beginnings and passages in life. I have had others. I have been asking for a long time for more clarity in my life and I have been led to teachers, and helpers to illuminate the depths of this major shift.

The transition into a new phase of life has been clearly felt by me for the better part of this year. There have been signs, longings, and desires which I have taken in to contemplate. This Progressed New Moon cycle will likely be my last in this life as Carol. My soul is asking that I take a real hard left turn on my path so that I can move into new territory the soul has yet to experience. Like going “Where no woman has gone before!” No idea, just that it is somewhere my soul has not gone before.

So the question I was so desperately asking my self up until July 2016, was do I have enough information, desire, and vision to make a radical shift and to call to me the needed resources, information, and clear seeing that I need to feel authentically moved to support true change in my life?

The answer became “Yes”, somewhere in the hot days of July which I spent reading a remarkable life work by a gentleman named, Stephen Harrod Buhner. I have many of his books but this book led to the course correction I so needed to have in order to form the structure of the seed I will plant tomorrow. The book is PLANT INTELLIGENCE, THE IMAGINAL REALM.

This beautiful book was so lyrically, logically, analogically, poetically, humorously written that I took extensive notes, so I would NOT forget where in the book this fantastic process was, or that affirming idea was. When in the presence of genius one can do nothing but smile, cheer, laugh, and behave as if all life mattered as much as any other expression of life. This book and this man’s life works will help to change and shift the face of humanity such that we, humans, can resume our true place in the circle, or torus of life. His words were an affirmation of so much of my hidden life, of how I think, how I create, how I use my sensitivity in my everyday life. And this guy is saying all of that is REAL!!! I have been saying that for years, but not in his way of saying it. His work was my epiphany, my sea change, my phase change. Bravo, Mr. Buhner, we appreciate your work, and your deep genius, and your barbarianism! (you have to read the book)

P1000669What was that little mention of the Torus of Life?

Circles of Life just don’t work anymore. We need to start conceptualizing our relationship to all of life not as a circle but as a multidimensional torus.

I made a torus once, actually more than once. Here is a picture which only shows a three dimensional static image. A real torus moves energy from the center through the top of the hole to the outside and comes down to the bottom hole to go in again, however another flow of energy also starts in the center and comes down from the center and up and around to the top hole and in again in a continual forever motion, flow of life. Energy also continues to expand from any given torus outward and inward.

A torus only begins to show us our relationship with all of life….this is the new frontier, to understand in all ways our relationship with all life………..everywhere………..the micro life and the macro life, the near living systems and the far living systems, the background of life and the foreground of life, the interconnection of life that is so extensive that we will take eons to understand the interconnections, if that even ever happens to the fullest extent of evolution.

And that’s what will be in my “progressed new moon intention” tomorrow……….to understand, to create with others, to make relationships with life and the vast movement of life that is ours to be a part of.

There is no top to life anymore, there is no bottom to life, there is no guilt, shame and fear in this continual motion of life, there is no hunger, there are no banks or money, there is only the excitement of awakening each morning to a life of exploration, living free, being a part of a really big creation, being curious, being cosmic, being authentic, enhancing life, calling to life and listening to the responses.

We are all going to delve into a true reality in the coming decades, we are all going to get to finally take LIFE 101, and we will write the manual for those who come after! We will enter into the Community of Earth as we have never done before. Yeah, life!

So Be It!

Parting Thought

From local midnight to dawn August 11/12 and 12/13 2016, go out and look at the Perseid Meteor Shower.  This year they are predicting over 200 meteors per hour.  Experience the life of a meteor.  Listen to what that meteor might have to say.  Contemplate your relationship to that meteor.  Be in awe.  Be in wonder of life.


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