The deep experience of life.


It has been a month of linear time (chronos time) since I last wrote, but a mere moment of experiential time (kairos time).  Indeed it does not feel so long ago that I tended this garden of my art/life.

At the end of May, my older, only, sister transitioned from this life into her next stage and experience of life.  Time stopped and the family entered into a tunnel of great intensity of thought, action and deed.  She has six grown children with children of their own, a lovely family of many parts, of many gifts, of many personalities.  The family is a rich garden of variety offering cohesion of origin and dynamic divergent life experience.  Just as life should be.

Many wonderful, vibrant moments came and went during this tunnel of experience we traveled together.  Decisions were made in the highest order of authenticity.  Many emotions were expressed and great loss was felt by each family member.  The rural community gathered around this family and in the deepest spirit of community they came to offer condolences.  They offered their presence, their help, their generosity of spirit to come and grieve with the family.

There were meals and gatherings of family and friends to celebrate the life of my sister, their mother, their grandmother, their friend, their mentor, their inspiration.  It was with a summer warmth that I heard stories from her community of how much my sister had meant to them.  It was good to share stories of our shared childhood, so that her children could know of her before they knew her.  It was good to have childhood friends and family materialize out of the lifestream to be suddenly heart openly present to us all.

Life is a wonder and a miracle.  My sister’s life is a wonder and a series of miracles, expressed in the deepest ways life has to express itself.  She lived, she loved,  she married, she gave 6 children the chance to be, she offered herself to others in her own authenticity, she grieved, she met challenges, she cried, she was confused, she was clear with her wisdom, she used her linear time here to live a life well met.

She met her life well.  We are all better for her living her life amongst us.  She is greatly loved and deeply missed.

Parting Thought

Celebrate your life and meet it well this day.  Leave Chronos time to enter into Kairos time and deeply dwell within your own essence.  There without the constrictions of Chronos time, you can thrive.  Thriving is a sacred response to life.

Blessings and Love!


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