the exploration of light and dark


the cosmic journey as seen through the human lens by Carol Mackay Mertz

In meditation I had a journey through dimensions, and each dimension had a gateway which was the sun, and so each new dimension was entered via a solar gateway. Our sun, Helios, was the first gateway, then the galactic sun, then the universal sun. As each new dimension was transversed, I became less dense until I was only a pure fine energy without form, without thought.

Upon entering the last gateway I stopped the forward motion and floated above a large expanse of infinite space that was dark, and yet had inherent light emerging from it. I knew I was experiencing the holy of holies, the great unborn, the unmanifest, the creative cradle of all that was to be. I felt great love here, great patience, great grace, great expectancy, a pureness so rare it quieted me to a stillness I cannot remember. great unborn circle

This passage through the dimensions is a discovery of a new reality.  Our planetary passage through space when plotted reveals a spiral motion.  All perceptions are expanding.  All perspectives are from a new place.  It is our human evolutionary saga.

The exploration of light and dark is spiraling up into new meaning.

When I began my art practice, I was exploring the  3rd dimensional meanings of light and dark in the Age of Pisces.  Dark was very dark and it was scary and unpleasant and it was filled with victims and victimizers.  Less we forget “The Dark Ages”, times of great contraction and deep soul wounding.  Women were the dark, not so much the mystery, but the unclean and the lesser than. Men were the sun/sons of religions and were the light, the priests, the leaders and the heads of households.  Even though men are considered privileged, I believe no gender truly escapes being victimized by a systematic code of  continual war, debt and scarcity which were the hallmarks of the Age of Pisces.

So as the Age of Pisces ended and the harmony of the Aquarian Era began, we started to look at light and dark differently.  We started to see that society was shifting and exploring newer and higher memes of organization.  We reached up beyond national boundaries and saw we were a global civilization.  We landed on the moon and saw our earth through the eyes of another human being, a very new perspective.  Through the internet,  we freely spoke to one another across political boundaries.  (A special note: when I say humanity is beginning to think of themselves as a global civilization, it is clear not ALL OF HUMANITY believes this.  It takes time for these trends to start, swell, and diminish.  But this trend has started, we see great evidence of it and any societal expansion like this, once begun, cannot be stopped.)

What does the light and the dark look like in the Aquarian era of harmony and balance?  The shift requires the equality of both men and women.  There is a balance in the individual of these active and passive principles and in the gender roles in society.  Indeed we see much evidence of this swell beginning and since the 1960’s the roles have started to develop over time.  There are more and more Fathers becoming the stay-at-home parent, women taking on economic reform, the law, mathematics, engineering and scientific research.  At our daughter-in-law’s Episcopal ordination, a speaker told of the story of a small child at another such ordination.  When seeing a man in the group being ordained, the small child asked his father, “I thought only ladies could be priests?”  The gender roles of the past are melting into a new more harmonic form in the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

Let us explore the higher resonating balanced meanings of the light and the dark.  What if there was what we will call the sacred dark.  In the sacred dark there is no fear.  Nothing lurks there that will harm us.  The sacred dark is the place of the unborn and the place of deep rest and renewal.  It exists in both genders as the generative place of stillness.

And what of the sacred light.  The sacred light is the manifestation of ideas, thoughts, songs, technology, anything that comes from the sacred dark.  The sacred light manifests wellness, balance and harmony with all living things.

The inherent balance of the sacred light and the sacred dark work to manifest evolutionary balance.  In this new state of balance, humanity will quickly shift the old dark and the old light into a workable balance that will propel humanity into a new or next evolutionary phase.

The NOW is exciting as we see so many markers shifting.  We are truly in the swells of an evolutionary ocean tide cresting upon the shores of a new world.  The Future can also be glimpsed as a place of balance where light and dark co-exist and assist each other in a balanced rhythm of light and dark, dark and light.

Parting Thought

How would you describe yourself at the beginning of any given decade, ages ten, twenty, forty, sixty?   How would you describe yourself now?  When you examine that carefully, it is a way to view change over time.  2012 was a marker of the turning of the ages, but for many nothing seemed to change.  It takes a period of time to actually see what is happening.

We are in a forward thrusting sea change AND we are not alone.  We are all in this together, all changing and growing and balancing.

So be it.


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