Of Pearls and Potatoes

Of Pearls and Potatoes

i live in a forest. i was going into town and on the mountain road, high up, i had a sudden vision…some call the “vision experience” a hit, some call it a download, some call it the whispering voice in your head, some call it information from another dimension, one’s higher self speaking in non-verbal holograms.

when it comes out of the blue….when it comes as a gift just dropping down into awareness, you can bet odds it’s going to be a valuable addition to
your conscious awareness living library.

it was a simple hologram about pearls. pearls of wisdom?  resonant information?  incite into something you were wondering about or something you had yet to get to.

this hologram is about pearls, and i am unpacking it as i write.

it spoke about how a specific teacher or tradition offered a handful of pearls to all who would listen. it is very important to remember that pearls are offered to a bandwidth of souls with a lot of different needs and personalities, as revelation, instruction, or clarity.

it is up to the individual, to me and to you, to pick and choose among the many many pearls that one encounters with a teacher. I must remember that only those pearls that fit into my own needs, desires, and creations are worthy for me to contemplate.

I tend to soak up lots of information and leave the discerning moment for later. I am responsible for what kind of energy (ie thoughts, ideas) i take into my energy field and play with. When i take in the whole nine yards when i only really needed two of those nine, that’s on me.

the pearl i got that day spoke of trusting myself about knowing what I know and about acting upon a base of grounded information for me…for my path…for what i need on my journey.  and the pearl reminded me that my journey is unique.  all of our journeys are unique, tailor made for us by us even though we may have forgotten just how it all fits together.

and then the image morphed from choosing one pearl, to putting that pearl on a string to make my own wisdom necklace.  aha!!

wisdom… energy pods of information… are coming at us all the time through our intuition and through outside teachings from others, from a child’s thought, from a sign on the subway, from a hawk flying over.  it is up to each of us to decide which pearls help us or confuse us, hinder understanding or help us with stunning clarity.

when you get the stunning clarity, that means it resonates in your field of personal energy and is often exceptionally relevant and helpful to your life.  when the energy of the information is dissonant, sits there like a rotten potato, making your eyes sting with its vapors, you can assume the information is non helpful.

says that small anxious voice of paranoia and doubt in my head. “just cause it doesn’t feel right doesn’t mean you can’t learn from it. maybe its a growing point and you should play with it and see if you can grow!
you have blinds sides, remember!!”

says the other calmer, grounded, irreverent, happy voice in my head
(i’m growing to like this voice over that potato head voice, and i can’t wait to hear what she has to say. already i feel a “GO GIRL!” coming).

the calm voice offers, “we have turned a corner. we are coming into the age of trusting SELF.  there is no one closer to you, no teacher wiser than you, no amount of cosmic information that is relevant to you that is not available in your own energy field.”

Umm, say that again!

“you are online. you have immediate access to all answers and all questions.  the only thing keeping you from accessing the energy which exists for you is your distrust of self.”

“you have been taught to seek authority and believe it and let it shape your life. you have been taught to seek credentials as evidence of mastery and competency.”

“the trust and mastery has shifted to SELF in the higher energies to which we are ascending.”

“you will find no higher authority outside yourSELF which can determine if answers are clear and resonant.”

“you will find no outside practice of mastery that will give you competency.  those structures are gone as we move into the higher frequencies of life. “

“NEW STRUCTURES ARE BEING BUILT AS WE SPEAK.  these structures rely on the individual to go within to find answers that are made for their path and their skills, and their purpose for being on the planet during this great transition time.  there is still mastery, but it does not come from learning other outside structures, it comes purely from within.”

“after finding those questions and answers, the evolutionary wave of energy will lead us to join others in a balanced and grounded (but not same) group of individuals to co-create new structures and to solve problems in this space of transition.  this new structure is being built in harmony, win/win ethics, and a basic assumption that each individual on the planet can thrive with the help of all the others.  we are all on this spaceship together.  we all live down stream.  we can all participate in life without anyone else being deprived.  the politics of scarcity and unequal distribution are dismantled.”

we are in a new space where all life thrives.

so if you don’t know yourself and trust yourself to KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW, you need to keep allowing yourself to unfold and to know you are in the perfect place on your path.


Parting Thought

if this little pearl gave me clarity, then i and only i can decide to bring it into my energy field to play with.
if this pearl does not resonate, i trust myself to know that and leave
the pearl or potato
to follow its own evolutionary path.”


walk the earth barefooted,
let the waters fall upon you,
seek the sun,
know what it is to be human
carol mackay mertz

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