The Community of Earth

Like my art, this blog is the sum result of following my higher guidance.  I was practicing meditation and was called upon to counsel.  So I gathered the energies of place, the devas, elementals, the spirits of the ancestors, my guides and master teachers in a  circle of sound in my gallery.  For many minutes after my toning faded away to quiet, I sat there in deep stillness until I received the title of this blog, The Community of Earth.

There was such a deep resonant charge to the phrase that it expanded my inner vision to the perspective of the whole earth.  And i could see and feel the community of earth we are creating as we speak.  It has begun… this living in community.  It is expanding as we reach out to each other with our words, our art and our ideas for creating solutions.

Following the idea of Earth as a community, came the words: the sacred dark, the sacred light, the sacred feminine, the sacred masculine.    For forty years, my practice of art has led me to explore these ideas in form and rising perspective.  It is time to speak of them in community…the sacred community of earth.  So be it.

Parting Thought:

You have billions of cells that all work together and cooperate with each other to give you an opportunity to have a body and experience life from that perspective.  Bruce Lipton’s Spontaneous Evolution and Biology of Belief are excellent ways to explore this miraculous topic.  His website is here.

You live in a body that is the perfect model of cooperation and community.  

6 responses to “The Community of Earth”

  1. Carol, I just enjoyed this profound and inspiring collection of your thoughts and pictures. What a beautiful and grounding way to begin the new year. Thank you! Love, Ann Wood

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    1. Ann, thanks for posting. You are the very first. I think it is time to take up my pen again. You have inspired me. Many thanks, Carol


  2. Carol – Such beautiful and insightful writing! I am not surprised. Your creative spirit has only grown more deep in the 40 years I have known you. I will share this with several friends in North Carolina who will also appreciate your wisdom. Barb Walls

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    1. Thanks Barb, it was great talking with you today. Having a website is a lot like being a mother or a teacher, both of which we each have been. You put it out there but you never know if it is adding to the sum of another’s passage, or not. Thanks for the feedback.


  3. Alice Pettyjohn Avatar
    Alice Pettyjohn

    Barb introduced me to your writing and I’m so glad she did! Loved your latest post. Made me think about my life and what I am expressing or not reaching deep enough to get to the vulnerable “stuff.” I do hope we are all seeing the big picture and something good will come out of all this suffering and chaos. Thanks!

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    1. Alice, thanks for writing.

      I agree, big pictures help us make sense of current circumstances.

      We are in the soup now and it is very scary, profound, and exhausting. It’s hard to see the whole of the big picture from where we are just now. But I think it is hopeful that “we hope something good will happen from it.” I think/know we create our realities, meaning we have choice about how we respond to and experience life. So I know for you and me something good will come from this world changing chaos and we will carry on.

      Be well. Peace be with you.


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