tribe: the small communities of earth

In 2012 I created a sculpture with five elements.    The stones are made from Japanese pyrophyllite and they are all shaped differently.  I had been making pieces that could be oriented in different ways, that had no top or no bottom for some time, and this was the first piece that had so many elements.  One can arrange them in infinite patterns to use as contemplation or in meditation.  Each day the practitioner creates a new grouping, a new tribe with which to engage in the deep stillness of their practice.

I had to come up with a name.  Naming art is always the finishing touch for me.  I meditate with the piece and gather all of the information together.  I listened and out of the moment came the name, Tribe.  I liked it, it seemed resonant.  It seemed right.

After I filled out the form to enter a museum show and attached my pictures to the application, I turned and felt the message, “You will win best in show.”  I dismissed the message, as sculptors rarely win Best of Show at this museum.

I won Best in Show.

So I reviewed what happened as I worked the piece, finished the piece, named the piece, and finally put notes to my website where it is displayed.  This whole project was divinely guided.  That is, my soul had input, the stone had input, the creative flow from the universe had input.  And I knew that this piece was an example of what happened when I followed my inner guidance.

Tribe 2012

as our human relationships change to support the new evolutionary patterns evolving in this time of great change,  we also direct that change and develop those new patterns

A1 copy

integrated human systems offer dynamic support to all the members


the five unique elements of this piece represent the dynamic relationship in human systems. arrange them any way you like, as you are the creative impulseaaaaatribe

Tribe represents the small communities that are being created as the dimensions shift to a higher consciousness.  We are not meant to do this life alone.  Find and engage with heart centered communities that respond to the issues at hand and put forth solutions that will help the entire group thrive.

Parting Thought

We often wonder how we will ever solve the widespread and terrifying problems that face our planet,  us, and our children.  Take heart.  There are already groups out there engaging with those problems.  There are those out there developing new systems to reclaim our sovereignty and wholeness.

The Ubuntu Contributionism movement is one such group.  Michael Tellinger has written a book about the movement and its focus.  Ubuntu Contributionism a Blueprint for Human Prosperity.  Michael is also found on Gaia TV.                Michael’s website here.                    

There is a small community somewhere that will suit you well.   Recognize your gifts and then contribute to the dynamics of their solutions.

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