Carol Mackay Mertz Art is a home to Carol’s art, writings, and life processes. It is also a store from which you may buy art, and a number of processes that have been developed into a set of cards, a series of small paintings, and a soon to be published book. There is also a blog which touches the heart of the artist’s life.


In honor of Eclipse Season, I am having a sale on my fine art print postcard sized prints. They come in crystal wrap with foam core support. They are 4′ x 6″ and are printed on quality paper suitable for framing. The left picture is of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse and the new painting on the right is of Hope Rising done this past March at the beginning of the pandemic. The larger print is my 4th of July painting of 2019, and is a large, 17″ x 8.5″. The blog which speaks of all of these prints is HERE. The store to buy as many as you want is HERE.

The Little Book of Creativity has moved on this website to its own page, engagingly called, The Little Book of Creativity. You will find it here. Soon the book will be for sale.

The many mock ups of the little book. It has been fun learning how to do art books.

a new series…New Light

New Light…a 24″ x 24″ canvas, acrylic, rag,
The central motif brings two differently directional flows into the center point. Can this be a spark of creation at the center of Zero point?
The entire painting. Creation energy exploding into the NOW.
New Light Series 30″ x 48″ acrylic, canvas, rag content. 2020 A gateway.
This is a level of underpainting with some gel white applied. The finished picture is above.

From the menu in the upper left corner, you can go to my Posts for that look into the mind/spirit of the artist. You can view the Large Art, both paintings and sculpture, as well as the small, smaller and smallest series and their store fronts. New Going Home Series now available here.

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