It is August here in the country, and today is the peek of the Perseid Meteor showers, but have no fear you have missed them, they will continue until September first. Starry starry nights here and the last super moon of 2022. Right now I have two paintings started to finish for Port Warwick in October. One is in process, the other is a very large blank canvas. But no worries, the painting is unfolding in my head…my intuition…my mind screen…my torus field. I am reading a book about the plasma universe and plasma physics. The painting will come out of those revelations. It’s going to be a beautiful week, enjoy the fine weather!

Starry Nights in Fort Valley

I will be at the Art and Sculpture Festival in New Port News on October 8 and 9, 2022.

See some of my new paintings on the Paintings page. Peace be with you. Carol

Carol Mackay Mertz

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