Greetings! November 5, 2021

I’ve dusted off my 2017 total eclipse of the sun painting to remind us all that we will have two new eclipses to end out this year. There will be a lunar Eclipse on November 19, 2021 at 2am pst, that’s 5 am New York, est. There will be a Solar Eclipse on Sat, December 4, 2021 at 3:30 pm eastern standard time. Energies are high right now. Take care of yourselves. New paintings percolating…we will see.

November 2, 2021

I have applied for several shows in Florida at the beginning of the year, so will be waiting on acceptances before planning a winter get away to warmer climes.

We had a successful show at Port Warwick, despite the rain!

A shout out to all the organizers, volunteers and fellow artists, musicians and food vendors who come together to give the public a truly remarkable out door experience. In one day we all built a village of art and music from all over the country. Two days later we were all gone!

I have left the post below for you to read, as a wonderful experience happened for the sculpture at the show. A small piece of Alabaster, called Changing Perspectives #2 , won the Robert Frost Award for Excellence, along with a pink ribbon for it and a check for me! If sculpture could clap their hands, all the little sculptures were riotously happy about being recognized as they graciously made their exit upon the art show circuit. They will still be for sale on the website store but have retired from shows.

perspectives #2Changing

( Originally published Oct 2, 2021) We are a week away from the Port Warwick Art and Sculpture Show. This may be the last time my sculpture has a viewing for the public. The stone will be put into a category most artists understand as permanent retirement but will still be for sale on my website for a while longer. Like fine wine, the sculptures will be held back in her inventory to wait for an auspicious time when their true power will be revealed and appreciated. This time may well be after my time on the earth. What I know already is that the stone carvings I have created are unique and executed in a manner whose hands on skill set has diminished in the face of ever increasing intelligent machines. My work is integrally, intimately entwined with the human body, her muscles, bones, and sinew. So this last appearance is a nod to the good folks at Port Warwick for their fine and professional expertise in producing a solid art show. Many thanks!



Below is some of the art that will be for sale at these shows.

Carol Mackay Mertz

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